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Leadership...How To Lead With Value And Not A Product.

Leadership...You can't lead a person to a business opportunity and make them join.

We have all heard the popularized expression, "You can Lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink". Well that is much applied to almost everything in life. You can lead a person to a good book but you can't make him read it. Well because of that, I do the reading for people. I love to read. I read two books currently at the same time. Not for pleasure but to add value to peoples lives. So that you don't have to read the whole book but get the value from them from. So I created a face book page that I have put together that is of nothing but powerful, insightful knowledge from John Maxwell, and Max Lucado, Dale Carneige, Napoleon Hill, Robert Kiyosaki. Your probably thinking, "Wow, how can I get this knowledge and information from some of the brightest minds the world has seen, with out ever having to read a book". You would think that there is some kind catch, right? Nope nada, zip, zilch, nine. Well okay maybe there is...

Leadership Promises For Everyday Living, Here's How To Lead With Power.

We, all that are Entrepreneurs want to be great and be successful leaders and developing our leadership among our followers. How do we do it? Where do we start? Let me give you a little bit of a teaser... for developing your leadership and your ability to lead others to be great leaders as well. Your probably thinking, "How much is this going to cost?" Or, there's leadership course out there that I can take, but that is going to cost you isn't it. Would you like to have a better leadership to lead with value to instill into others instead of your "OPPORTUNITY" Check out these posts that I have made and see how they may be of benefit to you and to others.
Can't read them all that well, well here's the clincher. Guess what? I'm going to ask for $1,000.oo to come to a free face book page. hahhaaha yeah right. Everyone is welcome to come to this page and get the value from it for "FREE" Your thinking, "Enough already, we want the page link".

Leadership...Is Learned By Living By The Example.

Be the example of a great leader with Leadership ability by following and committing to others of value. Watch people flock to you and want to know what you know because your living the example of what others want in there lives. Your thinking, "The law Of Attraction", everyone knows about this. If everyone knows about it then why do we have a recession and loss of jobs and the poverty and mediocre levels are at where they are at?? I don't know what they are from state to state and city to city but here in Butte, Montana from November of last year till March of this year there was a loss of 350 jobs. People are working two jobs jobs 60+ hours a week and not having time for each other or for there kids and starving and "LOOKING", they know and can see the value of owning there own stay at home business, am I going to tell you about mine..."NOPE" but am I going to share this link with you, absolutely as long as you give the page a "LIKE". Have a great and happy safe day and weekend everyone hope that you all had a great Memorial Day weekend.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Jokers, Don't Be So Serious

The joker's "Don't Be So Serious"

Why is it so important to not be so serious? Why is it important to show your human nature of your sense of humor? Of who you are. As long as you don't take it too far, it shows your ability to relate with others through a sense of humor. Because we can all relate with a good sense of humor it shows your capacity of your human-ness, that we are not robots in an Technological-Information age. let's take my April Fool's Day joke on everyone. This is what I posted on my facebook wall at 4 am this morning. Ughhh who could possibly be calling me at 4 am in the morning.... A gal I dated 10 years ago before I met Kami, before we had Kristen, before a surgery... I have a 11 year old son that I didn't know about. The comments came flying in, "WHAT". "ARE YOU SERIOUS". THIS IS A APRIL FOOLS DAY JOKE, ISN"T IT?" To "CONGRATS", "THAT"S AWESOME". "SO HAPPY FOR YOU". "WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO SEE HIM". I heard it all today. Now only one of my parent's truly knows my "Sense of humor". My mother. Vicki Northey. As I walked into her office delivering her, her Organo Gold coffee, She just shakes her head at me and say's, "Oh my son, did you take your "DRAMA PILL" this morning". hahahahaha We laughed and reminised about last years April Fools day.
Me and one of my friends, Angela, got invited over to my folks' place for dinner. Angela in all seriousness and sincerity looked my mom in the eye and said, "Vicki, Casey and I fooled around one night and even though it is a 0.03% chance of him making a baby, well, I'm pregnant". The look on my mother's face was, priceless. She sat there for a minute looked at us both holding hands replied, "I'm happy for you both". But we couldn't hold in our laughter any more, as it was two day's before April fools day we both said, "APRIL FOOLS". But I have never taken a good joke too far, I always know when to draw the line and to be serious. The point to this is, don't be afraid of showing your sense of humor and your human-ness. It will make you more approachable in dealing with people and getting them involved in your business opportunity.

Don't Be So Serious, Theres A Million Mlm's Out There

Well maybe not that many. Believe it or not there is a mlm out there for marijuana. But I'm not here to talk about that. I'm here to educate you on what some of the sites are out there and where you should look to see where companies rank on the or to see where they are really at on the financial side of business and how much the company is making and where it fit's in the top 100 of direct selling network. The following companies are not in order, but just from what I have learned from reading their policies and procedures to see what sounds right and what doesn't, if I am wrong on any of these figures I would like to ask anyone to please correct me. Melaluca, Don't Be So Serious, has been around a long time, great products, it's startup cost is $29.00 what is stated on the front page of there website....
You do not earn commissions or bonuses for recruiting customers.
Monavie, Don't Be So Serious, has been around a while, it's start up without business builder kits is $39.00 you can make bonuses and commissions on products and signups and on the dual team structure (left leg & right leg) you have to have at least 500 to start earning bonuses. Herbalife, Don't Be So Serious, also has been around a while, start up with this company $100 w/o business builder kits, you earn a 1,000 points for each Succees Builder Kit. Visi, Don't Be So Serious, still remotely new, costs $35.00 for startup w/o business builder kits which range from $299 to $1,100.00 you can earn commissions on products and signups & on the dual team bonus you have to have at least 200 gross volume (GV) to earn bonuses. Nerium, Don't Be So Serious, Fairly new company doing fantastic, startup is at $499 to $1,000.00 you can make commissions on products and sign ups and you develop teams of 3. Quixtar, (Amway) Don't Be So Serious has been around for forever for startup anywhere from $250-$300.00 Their is "NO" left leg or right leg, there is "NO" dual team. When you have 100 pv (personal volume) you get 3% of the business volume of your group. When you have 300 pv you get 6% of the groups business volume. When you have 600 pv you get 9% of the groups business volume. Organo Gold Coffee, Don't Be So Serious, is a 5 year old company, it's start up is $35.00 the business builder kits range from $200 to $500 & $1.300.00 you earn commissions on products and signups and on the dual team structure you have to have at least 100pv a month (5 boxes of any coffee) to earn bonuses.

Don't Be So Serious, I Want You To Be A Success In Your Company

I promoise to not Be So Serious, and make myself approachable for you to be a success in your company not mine. If you choose to want to look at the Organo Gold Coffee business that is purely up to you. I want you to do what is going to be right for you and for your budget. With that in saying (there will be a presentation call this Thursday at 7:30pm MST at 860-970-0010 pin # is 277-085-928) as I remember when I made my business account. I did not have all the needed information for the bank. So the lady behind the desk, said, "Oh don't worry I promise I will be here tomorrow so you can bring that extra information in". My response to her was, "Yeah my ex-wife said that she would promise to be at the house when I got home". Hahahaha have a great day everyone and have a great rest of the week.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It's Time For Your Bedtime Story

It's Time For Your Bedtime Story

Good night sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite. "Daddy, you forgot my Bedtime Story". Okay your probably thinking "WHAT". Yes, that is right, your going to get a Bedtime Story today. Kinda. Why? Well because, it puts people at ease instead of always being told that scripts work. Yes they can, but do you want people coming to you or running away from you, after using script after script after script. Is that working for you? Maybe if your in an mlm where they say recruit, recruit, recruit, and not put any emphasis on product then I would highly suggest, Eric Vorre's, The Hottest Recruiting Scripts in MLM. I have an accumulative knowledge of 10+ years in this industry. I know what works and what doesn't. With that in saying why not start things off by getting to know your audience and put any fears at ease aside with a story. That way your not looking like a recruiting machine but a person who builds relationships. Let's take a look at how the following Bedtime Story that will put many your future prospects at ease.

I Have Some Good news & Some Bad News!!!

Imagine for a moment that you are sitting at your desk at your job. The boss comes up to you, taps you on the shoulder and says, “I’ve got some good news and I’ve got some bad news.” You reply, “I am brave. Give me the bad news first.” The boss says, “Well, the bad news is, you are fired.” You are thinking, “Whoa, that is bad news. Oh, that is really, really bad news. If I get fired, I have to go home and tell my spouse I got fired, and that would be pretty embarrassing. What if I can’t find another job for a year? Or what if the new job doesn’t pay as much or what if the new job is far away and I have to fight traffic when I commute? What if the people are mean at my new job? Oh, this is really, really bad news!” You panic and say to your boss, “Oh my goodness, this is terrible bad news so what is the good news". The boss replies, "Well the good news is you have the rest of the afternoon off". Now you have a full sclae panic attack, ARRRGGHH oh no, "I don't want to be fired is there any way that you can keep me"? The boss says, "Well we are outsourced most of our jobs so we could only keep a few people, if you want to be one of the people we keep on staff you would have to agree to work one hour of over time every day for free, Monday through Friday from 5pm to 6pm, if you worked that one hour of free over time we could afford to keep you". Like most hard working people with family and debt and obligations you say, "yes, I will work that over time so that I can keep my job". The boss smiiles, "Great thanks for being a team player I know the extra hour of overtime is a sacrifice but since that you are a team player and are willing to help us in these tough times, let me tell you what our company is going to do for you. If you work your regular hours and this over time for the next two years, at the end of those two years the company will let you retire at full pay". Now what are you thinking "Jackpot" this is the best day of your life right. You are thinking wow, all I have to do is just work one hour of free overtime five days a week and in just two years I can retire at full pay. Excitingingly... you rush home to tell your spouse about this fantastic offer. You start working the one free hour of overtime daily for about 6 months. Some friends make fun of you and say, "Oh man look at you, you are just so stupid you work an hour of overtime everyday for free, the company is taking advantage of you, quit that terrible job and get a job where they will pay you for every hour you work". What would you say? "NO" "I am not quiting this job I only have 18 more months of working one free hour of overtime every day and then I can quit and retire forever". So you continue working this one free hour of overtime for 18 months only 6 more months to go. That night you come home and your spouse says, "You know we miss you for dinner when you work overtime, quit that job get a new job where you can come home an hour early an eat dinner with us". What would you say? "NO. I only have six more months to go and I can retire at full pay". You continue working this one free hour of overtime for the full two years and then the company would let you retire at full pay. Wouldn't that be awesome. Now your job doesn't offer that benefit. But we do. When you join our network marketing team and business, we are going to ask you to work your new business just one hour a day every day Monday through Friday, talking to people. Your one hour is not moving pixels on a computer screen, not playing pen pal at night not surfing the web, but talking to live people. If you talk to live people for one our every day Monday through Friday at the end of two years you will have enough customers and distributors, on your team to equal your current full time income and you can retire at full pay. Now I know what your thinking. You are thinking, well I would like this to happen, I would like to try, but I don't know what to say to people. Well of course you don't know what to say to people you haven't learned any skills yet. But you will learn as you go. You could learn to do anything in an hour a day couldn't you. You could even learn to play the piano by practicing an hour a day for two years. So maybe the first week in your business you learn to say, "Hi", during week two you learn to say, "My name is ?????," You would get better every week, I will be there every step of the way to help you to your success and at the end of the two years you can retire at full pay, so what do you think?

There's Your Bedtime Story, Now Goodnight.

Something as simple as that Bedtime Story, can get you the closures on your business prospects and getting people to like you and want to get signed up into the opportunity that you are offering. That is what I am offering to you. Not my opportunity with Organo Gold coffee, that has the benefits of the ganoderma that is infused in each of the ingenius products. For more information about it and it's ingenius products and compensation plan use the contact form to get a hold of me or feel free to visit my site at I would like to invite you to watch the video below, see how we are transforming the sachets into the K-cups for the kuerigs for the black, latte, and mocha flavored coffees.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

How To Blog To Get First Page Rankings On Google

How To Blog To Get First Page Rankings On Google

Wouldn't you like it if someone actually held your hand and walked you throuth the steps on how to create a blog for your business to get more people seeing your posts and getting repeating customers to either a online store or to your physical business. Google blogging, there is 68,100,000 sites for it. Out of those sites do you know which one that is going to be right for you especially if you are just starting out and you want to keep finances to a minimun. The object is to make money not spend it right, So I wouldn't reccomend The empower network blogging system, it is a great one to use, but you will spend $25.00 for it, it would be worth it if you sold that blogging platform and get 100% commissions off of it. It is a very effective blogging site. But I am here to help you save money, and not direct you to spending your money. There is a word press blog site that you can use, it's fairly understandable. Out of the 68,100,000 sites though what I would suggest for first time bloggers is, you can link it in with your google+ and you-tube accounts, more about that later. What is nice about is it's simplicity. Once you get all the settings and templates set about a half hours time, you can start blogging. what are you going to blog about? You can blog from the silly and ordained, share inspirational stories, to about your business and your products and or services that you are offering. How do you get it to the first page of google ahead of your competitors? Here comes the meat and potatoes. I keep my html codes pretty simple. What is a html code? It is the code of a picture, like a longitude and a latitude of your current position. For a heading to the top of a blog you would use this html code What does this do, it creates a header Like if I used it in this blog I would have wrote it like this at the very top of this blog

How to Blog To Get First Page Rankings On Google

Let's say you have a different header like in the middle of your blog and another at the end you will not use h1. For each separate header you will use h2, h3 just like in the example above. Tweak it. Not Twerk it lol Theres a difference. I want you to use the tools bar at the top to bold things, underline things, put things in "quotation marks" use the Italize. And above all else use Pictures.

How to use keywords to your benefit

How to use keywords to your benefit A keyword? Yes, go to google and type in a a word or phrase and see how many sites are out there on the internet to see your competition. Let's google Ganoderma, (because that is a herb that the Asians and Chinese use for it's medicinial properties that they used and infused in the healthy ganoderma coffee drinks that I market) it has 1,570,000 sites out there. That's a pretty big market. But if you scroll down the 7th one on there that is my blog from my site. How did I get on the first page with such a huge market? I used these tips that I learned from reading and learning from the best. So let's say you have an italian restaurant serving the best italian foods. In googles search bar type, best italian foods. 36,700,000 sites. If you follow my easy to follow steps to get on googles first page rankings use your keyword in your title, your header and at least 15 to 20 times in your blog. Finish it off.

Finish it off

Finish it off With a call to action. Don't ask. Don't tell. Invite people to your blog, to your website where ever you want them to go. Will I get first page ranking with this blog, maybe a little bit but not much because it is within this website. Will you get first page ranking with a site with your blog, Absolutely!!! There are a lot of html codes out there to use, but if you just use these few simple techniques, you will have those first page rankings. I hope you all are having a great day and a pleasant week. I would like to invite you to connect with me and let me know how your doing with your blog. If you need help with those settings on getting your blog twerked out lol let me know and I will help you.

Monday, February 17, 2014

I Climbed K2 Without Oxygen & Made it Back Alive

I'm on top of the world and I made it back Alive

We all want to make it to the top. Succeed and make and meet our goals in life. One of these days I will climb K2 it's on my bucket list. But how am I going to get there? What kind of tools or training am I going to need. I know for one thing, I can't do it without a team. I know I am going to have to be physically fit. I know I have to quit smoking. I need to have the right tools to make that kind of trek. I need to know the right day and time of the year and watch the weather reports. I will have to have a plan of action and a back up plan of action and a back up plan of action for my back-up. Where will I set up my base camp? I will need a guide to get me there. All great things to be considered into making this journey to a destination to be on top of the world.
I will need to be able to come back Alive with all my fingers and toes.

Building A Business Is The Same Way

You will need a proper guide, the right tools and training and knowing when the right time to get in on a business. Having a plan of action and a back up plan of action. What kind of business? Where do you want to build it? Is it going to be geographically challenging? What are the products? What kind of advertising is going to work best. Do I want it to be duplicat-able or just be a slave to it like a normal job. If I have my own business will it keep and feed me and keep me Alive. Will it support my family if I chose to run it one day a week till I can be sure that it is something that I want to do. Is owning a business the right thing to do with the economy that were in? Am I going to be in a higher tax bracket? Woah...what kind of options are out there for having your own business and have financial freedom with it.

The Family That Builds Businesses Together Stays Alive Together

Recently, my sister Kerri, opened a restaurant in Thayne, Wyoming and came to me and asked, "Casey how do I get started with a business page with facebook"? She told me all about it sent me some pictures and the menu and within a day I had it all done for her and her restaurant is doing quite well in the last week since she has opened. Her page has over a 115 likes & 85 people are talking about it and sharing there experiences eating there.
My dad, Sid Keller, who is still Alive has a Leather shop in Saint Anthony, Idaho called Mill Iron Leather. Him and my step mom run this business together and have built it up over the last 2 years to where anyone can come in and make their own leather projects or learn on how to make leather projects. Anything from clocks, mouse pads, gun belts and holsters for guns and rifles, saddles, & bridles, leather cases for cell phones, wallets, purses and pillows. My mom, Vicki Northey, who is still Alive has been in Amway, quixtar, world wide global - whatever you want to call it And is doing well. We are a family of love and support for the entrepreneurial spirit of having financial freedom. Because we know that their is no security in working for someone else, there is no security in social security, pensions or 401k plans. We are in a technological information age.
Me, Myself & I, Casey Keller, I have decided to join the ranks of being an entrepreneur and helping people build online business with the right training, tools, that you could get at 860-970-0010 pin code 277-085-928 at 7:30 pm mst. If you wanted you could listen to a business presentation on Thursdays at the same time, same number and same pin. You will need more tools than this to climb K2 and stay Alive, check out

What's The Point Of All Of This...My Family is Creating Businesses For You To Stay Alive.

We believe in the human spirit, We believe in hope and giving hope and having faith in everyone that reads this that you are looking for the right tools the right time the right place to do the right thing for yourselves and for your family: have that embodiment of spirit and love to have financial freedom, not just for yourself but how we can teach you so that you can teach others so that they too do not have to be chained to someone else's dreams. We want you to stay Alive and to have H.O.P.E which means... "HOLD ON PAIN ENDS"